The illustration shows an aerial persective of future HafenCity


The HafenCity project

Hamburg is growing here: HafenCity – currently Europe’s largest inner-city development project – is a blueprint for the development of a European city on the waterfront more


State of development

HafenCity is being developed from west to east and from north to south – 56 projects are completed and another 49 under construction or in the planning stage; deals through sale of land or exclusive options have been closed on around 1.2 million sqm GFA. In the meantime, HafenCity has become established as a popular place to live and work. The new district’s urbanity is already very noticeable in the western neighborhoods. more


HafenCity - the genesis of an idea

The idea of a new inner-city district was conceived soon after the fall of the Wall and the Iron Curtain. Before publication of the blueprint for HafenCity, the Masterplan, in 2000, important fundamentals had already been put in place in the 1990s more

Cultural events & exhibitions

Find an event to interest you in HafenCity or Speicherstadt more


HafenCity Hamburg GmbH provides information about the project through a variety of publications more

HafenCity InfoCenter Kesselhaus

A presentation of everything currently happening between the Elbe bridges and Kehrwiederspitze promontory is on view in the InfoCenter in Kesselhaus at Sandtorkai 30 more

Registered cruise ships

Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V. offers an up-to-date list of cruise ships scheduled to visit Hamburg more