Green and metropolitan

With its two leafy parks, Am Sandtorpark/Grasbrook neighborhood offers ideal conditions to residents, employees of surrounding companies and Katharinenschule primary pupils alike 

The aerial photography shows the AmSandtorpark / Grasbrook quarter

Since September 2010, the Sandtorpark has been the green soul of the quarter. 27 trees will adorn its gently undulating green surface (© ELBE&FLUT) Start slideshow

Am Sandtorpark/Grasbrook is the second large neighborhood to be all but completed. This area, extending from Sandtorhafen harbor in the west to Überseequartier in the east, with its primary school and family homes around Grasbrook park, is a haven of neighborly life. The small, yet popular Sandtorpark, around which many of the buildings cluster, is a key local element setting the urban scene. HafenCity’s first small park was inaugurated with a neighborhood street party in April 2011. Landscaping of the green play areas is dominated by lawns and hillocks. By continuing the main design elements of the Magellan Terraces (such as the paving) through to here, architects EMBT of Barcelona, winners of the open space landscaping concept for western HafenCity, have successfully and visibly drawn together the various areas. 

In August 2013, the 7,100 sqm Grasbrookpark was completed. Popular way beyond Hafen-City, this large grassy play park with its many play and recreational features for children and adults forms the southern interface to Strandkai quarter. 

Family-friendly housing

Classes at HafenCity’s Katharinenschule school on Sandtorpark started at an early stage, in late summer 2009. School activities for 450 children overall also include kindergarten, after-school care or various types of all-day supervision. The integrated sports hall is intensively used after school as well, e.g. by Störtebeker sports club or sports groups from local companies. The school building, designed by architects Spengler & Wiescholek, which also houses 30 apartments, is one of the few in Germany to integrate a mix of uses, as well as having most of its play area on the roof. The ecological building also carries the gold HafenCity Ecolabel. Right next to Katharinenschule school live the new occupants of the Hafenliebe joint building venture in their 55 family-friendly homes. Another 68 apartments were subsequently realized in the Hofquartier project. 

The emphasis of the neighborhood’s final project, construction of the building to the north of Grasbrookpark, is also residential. Under construction since the end of 2015 to plans by BKK-3 architects (Vienna) are 135 apartments, a kindergarten as well as other units for an organic restaurant and retail uses. The apartments are a mix of cooperative and subsidized homes, alongside ateliers and student accommodation. Completion of the building is expected in spring 2018.

Sandtorpark: corporate location

Overall the neighborhood is highly international and has attracted many companies. In the Hamburg-America-Center designed by renowned US architect Richard Meier, the Amerikazentrum Hamburg e.V. society offers a program of varied cultural events. The largest area of space in the office building bordering Sandtorpark has been occupied since fall 2011 by the Buss group’s offices. 

The three buildings of the adjacent International Coffee Plaza were also conceived by Pritzker prizewinner Meier. The plaza was developed by the Neumann family, whose eponymous group of companies occupies the 13-story Ellipse tower, one of the neighborhood’s architectonic landmarks, with the German headquarters of the Eukor shipping line. In mid-2013, the major Korean shipping line Hanjin Shipping moved into the building opposite. Art dealer Gregor Bröcker opened two galleries on the ground floor at the beginning of 2015.

Own focus on sustainability

Right on Sandtorpark two other large buildings also offer space for companies: on the northern side, the 16,000 sqm SKAI building, built in 2009, with its eye-catching façade of copper elements, was designed by the Hamburg firm, Böge Lindner architects; to Sandtorpark’s south is the Centurion Commercial Center (14,600 sqm gross floor area), holder of the gold HafenCity Ecolabel, in which, apart from the Dahler & Company group, most businesses are of small and medium size, with retailers and catering on the ground floor.

Further south on Grosser Grasbrook, Kühne Logistics University (KLU) and the Medical School Hamburg (MSH) moved into the former SAP building in fall 2013. Right next door is logistics group Kühne + Nagel, which relocated its headquarters here in 2006.

Neighborhood profile 

  • Area
    5.7 hectar
    Total GFA: 119,000 sqm
  • Jobs
    c. 2,600
  • Commercial uses
    Offices, education, social institutions, retail, catering
  • Homes
  • Special institutions
    Sandtorpark, Grasbrookpark
    Katharinenschule (all-day supervision
    with after-school care)
    Kühne Logistics University (KLU)
    Medical School Hamburg (MSH)
    Thermal power plant (district heating)
  • Development timeframe
    2003 till 2018