Living, leisure and work between double waterfronts

A city for everyone: HafenCity’s largest harbor basin, is surrounded by a dense (social) blend of residential and leisure uses, green open space and workplaces

Over the next few years, a dense urban cityscape will grow up on the site – more than one kilometer in length – offering a range of housing and leisure opportunities, as well as commercial uses (© ELBE&FLUT) Start slideshow

On both sides of HafenCity’s longest harbor basin, the contours of a sustainable ‘urban village’ with around 2,100 apartments for around 4,200 residents in the middle of the city are beginning to take shape. A green, socially mixed residential and leisure quarter designed by APB Architects is being created with various subsidized residential units for families, students, senior citizens, and people in need of additional care. The development will involve different social institutions in the creation of the residential concepts. At the same time, this development will generate 2,200 new jobs in a unique environment.

The topographical center of the quarter is Baakenpark, a 1.6-hectare artificial peninsula in the harbor basin, which serves many functions. As a local park, the plot serves as a recreational area and an aesthetically pleasing recreational zone that also connects the north and south parts of the quarter.

New road and bridge connections already ensure excellent access. At the same time as the road was built, the U4 underground line was also extended from the HafenCity University stop to the Elbbrücken stop. HafenCity will also have a cross-district car-sharing system for all residents and employees located in the underground car parks. This system, in combination with e-bikes and bicycles, will significantly reduce household mobility costs.

In spring 2018, the first residents of the neighborhood moved into the publicly subsidized and privately financed apartments at the entrance to the quarter (81a). The family hotel of the JUFA Group (81a) opened right next door at about the same time. The adjacent Campus Tower (80) will be completed in spring 2019. With the creative blocks (82a/b) and a joint project of the Frank Group and the Ankerplatz construction joint venture (83b), further ambitious projects on the north side of the quarter will be completed at around the same time. Construction work is also underway on the southern part of the quarter, and a neighborhood center is being built around the central Lola-Rogge-Platz, which will offer an attractive marketplace for local stores as well as leisure, sports, and cultural activities. Directly beside the central square, a training and family center (94a–c) with a four-stream elementary school and daycare center for 200 will open in 2021.

Various different socially oriented residential usages will benefit from this excellent infrastructure, which will stand out due to numerous joint building ventures, family- and senior-appropriate residential units, and subsidized residences. All residential plots in the neighborhood have already been allocated (except for three plots which are in the handover phase). Construction has already begun on many of these developments. Only Baakenhöft and Property 86 will not be further developed at present due to specific framework conditions. Construction field 87 is reserved for office use.

The architecture of the six slender ‘Wasserhäuser’ (88c/d, 90b/c, 92c/d) on the waterfront are also emblematic of the ambitious overall spirit of this quarter. Each of the three building pairs will be connected to the land with two bridges; one on the level of the promenade, and one at the level of the dock. The Wasserhäuser could be completed as early as 2022-23.

Neighborhood profile:

  • Size: 24 ha
  • Total GFA: 410,000 m²
  • Development period: 2012 to 2022 (excluding individual projects 85, 86, 87)
  • Jobs: approx. 2,200 (excluding Baakenhöft)
  • Commercial uses: Offices, recreational facilities, hotel, retail, foodservices, services
  • Apartments: 2,100