New Roads And Bridges

New roads and bridges

HafenCity's roads and bridges are especially constructed for the requirements of a district<br>nearby the harbour

HafenCity's roads and bridges are especially constructed for the requirements of a district
nearby the harbour (© ELBE&FLUT)

All new roads have been laid at a flood-safe level of at least 7.5 to 8.3m above sea-level; in addition, new flood-proof bridges are built or older bridges renovated and raised. An exception is the road Am Sandtorkai/western Brooktor-kai that runs between HafenCity and Speicherstadt: because of the proximity of the historic Speicherstadt, raising this street across its entire width was not possible or meaningful.

In the seldom and brief case of a storm surge, therefore, new flood-secure accesses to HafenCity are being created. The first one already runs across the Kibbelstegbrücke bridges. Under normal circumstances they are an attractive route for pedestrians and cyclists; in flood situations these bridges provide access routes for emergency vehicles. The second flood-proof road axis is via Oberbaumbrücke bridge, Brooktorkai, Shanghaiallee and Überseeallee and can be used by public transport in case of flooding. Additional flood-secure connections will be ensured via two other bridges, Grossmarktbrücke and Freihafenelbbrücke, which both link up with Versmannstrasse.

Roads in HafenCity are planned in at an early stage but the realization of road surfacing, pavements, cycling lanes or parking bays only takes place gradually and in close coordination with construction firms. This is why almost all roads initially get temporary surfaces. The final surface is then laid and finished after completion of the surrounding buildings, together with ancillary surfaces, cycling paths/strips and tree plantings.