Stellar architecture - rewarded with the HafenCity Ecolabel

Outstanding and special accomplishments in construction of sustainable buildings in the new district have been certified with the HafenCity Ecolabel since 2007. HafenCity played a pioneering role here, coming up with its benchmark two years before the launch of comparable certification valid throughout Germany

Photo shows award of preliminary certification for HafenCity Ecolabel

Robert Vogel KG was the first private developer to receive preliminary certification for the gold HafenCity Ecolabel for the Spiegel media building, currently under construction (© ELBE&FLUT) Start slideshow

Since 2007, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH has been awarding the HafenCity Ecolabel, the first certification system in Germany for sustainable construction. Certification has been made a condition for the award of planning options on building plots since 2010. So far 36 buildings in HafenCity have been certified or pre-certified with the Ecolabel. In 2017 the Ecolabel was thoroughly reworked. Since then, the “silver” Ecolabel is known as “gold”, while “gold” has been replaced by “platinum” certification. At the same time, the categories were also partially rearranged, amendments worked in, and the whole system updated to correspond with current statutory requirements and altered standardization, while new standards were also set.

New electric mobility specifications have also been included, for example. But insulation regulations will not be further tightened because of the rather poor overall results. Instead, more (solar) energy entrapment will be integrated, as well as additional building lifecycle approaches. The first concepts for a so-called “cradle to cradle” approach were put into operation – this is standard at the DGNB, of which HafenCity is a founding member. At the same time, energy monitoring was extended to all building types.

Award of an Ecolabel assumes that at least three out of five categories in platinum are fulfilled and the rest in gold. Despite the general binding character, this does allow developers to set accents of their own. Category 1 “Sustainable management of energy resources” is unaffected and remains a mandatory category. The requirements of the uses home, office, hotel, commerce/trade, meeting venues and educational institutions will also be more clearly differentiated.