The HafenCity area from the air


A metropolitan business and residential neighborhood with a view

Spectacular high-rises and first-class connections for new worlds of work with high innovative strength

On its eastern edge HafenCity will be an attractive place for business and living. Three towers up to 150 m high will be built by the Elbe bridges (© fotofrizz) Start slideshow

Elbbrücken will serve as the second main urban center of HafenCity, after Überseequartier. Spectacular high-rise buildings, water on three sides, and a large, central square characterize the highly dense business district close to the city center, a haven for both large enterprises and small, growing companies. External commercial buildings near the water shield internal buildings by creating noise-protected zones which make perfect residential areas. One such example is Amerigo-Vespucci-Platz. The urban design for the Elbbrücken quarter was developed by Hosoya Schaefer Architects and the open spaces were designed by Atelier Loidl. The underground station at Elbbrücken was ready for operation on schedule in December 2018. The station will provide improved access to the entire eastern part of HafenCity, the Elbtower, which is under construction, and parts of the northwestern district of Rothenburgsort, the Billebogen, and Grasbrook. Starting in 2019, it will also provide a further link to the HVV network through a new S-Bahn station connected to the underground station. In addition, the area will also be connected to the cross-quarter car sharing system of eastern HafenCity.

Starting in 2021, the Elbtower (122), with a height of about 240 meters, will be built at the eastern end of the district to mark the entrance to the center of Hamburg and the new adjacent urban development areas.

The first plots of land in the Elbbrücken district, which were allocated in April 2016, set the tone for the urban intensity of the location by offering space for progressive new working environments and innovative projects. The BGW and the VBG set up a joint prevention center directly on the Elbe to host 30,000 to 35,000 seminar participants and event guests per year (121). Right next door, the photovoltaic company Enerparc is building its headquarters (118), which will also provide space for spin-off start-ups, associated external service providers, and temporary developers. In the hi-tech office building EDGE HafenCity (110), spaces can also be rented based on size and duration by a range of tenants – from major, long-term users to temporary co-workers. In the immediate vicinity of the Elbbrücken stations, a large international congress hotel (119) with at least 500 rooms and large conference areas will also be built by 2022. Wildspitze (102), Germany’s tallest wooden building, will be constructed by 2021. This will offer a combination of apartments, offices, and community use with a public exhibition about nature and species conservation.

It is expected that in the first half of 2019 four further properties (111, 112, 114, and 116) will be allocated primarily for residential concepts. In addition, properties 101, 103, 106, 107, 109, and 117 can also be allocated quickly, allowing further exciting mixed-used office and residential projects to be carried out at short notice.

Neighborhood profile:

  • Size: 21.4 ha
  • Total GFA: 557,000 m²
  • Development period: 2016 to 2025
  • Jobs: approx. 11,000
  • Commercial uses: Offices, services, hotel, retail, foodservices
  • Apartments: 1,400