Central, diverse and ground-breaking

East of Magdeburger Hafen, a very disparate quarter is coming to life, with many trailblazing buildings and uses

Around Magdeburger Hafen, an interesting knowledge quarter is growing with HafenCity University and the Elbe Arcades as well as other trend-setting projects such as the Ecumenial Forum and the Musicians' House (© ELBE&FLUT) Start slideshow

A vibrant, diverse quarter was developed between Magdeburger Hafen, Brooktorhafen, and Am Lohsepark. Elbtorquartier draws upon diverse different building typologies in its urban design. In the south it features a 70-m tall office tower and in the east a 170-m long block line connecting to the existing Hongkongstrasse that touches the Magdeburg harbor on the eastern edge. Horizontally, it allows for public use of both the ground floor of the buildings as well as the entire dock level along the harbor basin. Moreover, it is the first district to include a significant number of highly sustainable buildings that have been awarded the HafenCity Gold environmental certificate.

As the oldest building in HafenCity, Kaispeicher B, erected in 1879, serves as the entry point between central HafenCity and Speicherstadt, and has been home to the International Maritime Museum Hamburg (40) of the Peter Tamm Sen. Foundation since summer 2008. The storehouses directly beside it (41) were converted by Gebr. Heinemann into its company headquarters in 2007/2008. Since 2016, the storehouse has been connected to a new building extension (42) via a glass walkway.

At the end of 2013, one of the most innovative and sustainable buildings in Europe at the time was opened to the south of Busanbrücke: the Elbarkaden (43–45). A special feature of this complex is its 170-m long flood-protected arcade integrated within the building, which runs parallel to the Elbtorpromenade. Gardens and play areas can be found on its rooves. Its 130 apartments can be converted into multi-generational apartments, residential and work lofts, barrier-free apartments for seniors, and more.

Some outstanding players on the creative scene have selected Elbarkaden as their main location, including designxport, the most important hotspot of the Hamburg design scene, iF International Forum Design GmbH, and the agency PSBZ, led by renowned designer Peter Schmidt. An increasing number of agencies and start-ups have been moving into the existing buildings in the immediate vicinity along the eastern side of Hongkongstrasse. The southern part of the ensemble (45) is used by Greenpeace Germany and its subsidiaries.

The newly constructed HafenCity University (HCU) opened in 2014 and is of great importance to the whole of HafenCity. It marks the beginning of Baakenhafen. Right next door, ECE and Strabag Real Estate completed the Watermark, Freeport, and Shipyard building ensembles in 2018. Based on designs by Störmer Murphy and Partners, HafenCity has been given a stylish landmark in the form of a 70-m high, 18-story office tower on the waterfront (52). Two more buildings (53) offering space for 46 apartments and public uses on their ground floors as well as office spaces will also be constructed. To the southwest towards the Elbe, the buildings open to up to reveal a public square with a very special character, thanks in part to its proximity to the university.

Other outstanding projects such as the Ecumenical Forum (49a) and Musician’s House (50), which features some sound-proofed rooms, will shape life in the Elbtorquartier on Shanghaiallee.

The Stadthaushotel (48), Europe’s largest inclusive hotel in which people with and without disabilities can work together, is also planned for this district.

Neighborhood profile:

  • Size: 9 ha
  • Total GFA: 192,000 m²
  • Development period: 2007 to 2018 (property of 51 is reserved as a logistics site für construction in Überseequartier)
  • Jobs: approx. 3,700
  • Commercial uses: Offices, retail, foodservices, services, hotel, research
  • Apartments: 370

HafenCity InfoCenter Kesselhaus

A presentation of everything currently happening between the Elbe bridges and Kehrwiederspitze promontory is on view in the InfoCenter in Kesselhaus at Sandtorkai 30 more