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Art exhibition in the gallery DOCK56:
Michael Kviums "Nightschool"

Until March 10th the danish artist Michael Kvium presents his exhibition "Nightschool" in the gallery DOCK56 nearby the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in the HafeCity. His compositions combine concrete and abstract art hassle-free, whereupon serious issues aren't taken too seriously. They are associated to unexpected coherences through ironic disruptions.

The picture shows the danish artist Michael Kvium

The danish artist Michael Kvium presents his works in the gallery DOCK56
in the HafenCity (© Anders Sune Berg)

From January 12th till March 10th the danish artist Michael Kvium presents his striking exhibition "Nightschool " in the gallery "DOCK56" in the HafenCity. Unique contemporary art in a unique archtiectual surrounding nearby the Elbphilharmonie concert hall. The gallery DOCK56 is a place for art beyond well-established styles and formats.

Michael Kvium is one of Denmark's most striking and uncompromising artists. He had his breakthrough in the mid 1980's, where he went against the paintings of the Young Wilds introducing his own personal, figurative style.

Michael Kvium has had numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. His watercolors have rarely been displayed, as they are usually only used as draft work or as an intimate travel media. However, all the exhibited works of art have been created specifically for this exhibition.

The small watercolors are quite immediate. They convey the momentary inspiration and concentration that is rarely preserved in a painting. This is where one sees initial thoughts, intentions and ideas. For instance Kvium says about the series Short Stories, that because of the unpretentious material and small format, he does not need to take into account whether the watercolor is good or bad. It is easily discarded, allowing him to pursue a different idea that comes to mind. Hence this series offers a true diversity of subjects and motives.

It is the first time Kvium shows paper works in such large format. It is also new to introduce the gouache. As seen at the exhibition, Kvium often combines watercolor, gouache and pastel. He thus acquires a higher density and intensity in his expression.

Throughout his career, Michael Kvium has explored the human being and its innermost nature. His paintings are full of social criticism, but are never moralizing. Kvium questions us as humans: Do we see what we believe we see, or do we believe what we see - or do we really only see what we wish to see. Who are we, what are we and how do we treat each other. Exsitential, eternally valid questions put into clear, precise idioms. He holds the mirror to us whether we like or not.

"I have done what I could to pass on things as precise and as pure a possible. I have always felt as if I was creating a stage, which can be viewed from all angles. It is up to the artist to create this scene or platform. And the more accurate and concentrated this platform, the more it gives us an extra space for thinking - cleaning up our brain - making us combine our experiences and what we sense in a whole new way - or for once, see it all clearly." (Michael Kvium)

Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11 am - 2 pm
Appointments for other visiting-times
 are possible. For further information and arrangements call: +49 (40) 36098482 or +49 (0)1621068152. 
Some of the displayed art-works are for sale. 
The entrance is free.

Address: DOCK56 - Art Gallery, Am Kaiserkai 56, D-20457 Hamburg

Public transport: nearby metro-station Baumwall (U3), Metrobusses 3 and 6



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