Osaka 9, HafenCity Sustainability Pavilion

Core issues that appertain to ecological, sustainable urban development can be experienced in the newly opened 120 sq.m Osaka 9 pavilion exhibition space daily except Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm. The sustainability pavilion is situated on the promenade along Magdeburger Hafen harbor basin, opposite the International Maritime Museum Hamburg.

Photo shows interior in the sustainability pavilion

A sculpture installation made of used wooden pallets references the port, whilst multimedia information integrated into it display data about sustainable urban development (© Martin Kunze)

Sustainable urban development

In the 21st century, some of the most crucial requirements for development worldwide are careful management of resources and environmental compatibility. HafenCity in Hamburg embodies the sustainable development of regenerated former port sites, realised through innovative strategies. In the new 120 sqm Osaka 9 exhibition pavilion on Magdeburger Hafen come alive the core issues of ecological sustainable urban development:

  • Mixed-use city structure efficient with resources
  • Mobility structure saving time and reducing carbon emissions
  • Sustainable energy supply and certified buildings

Osaka 9 HafenCity Sustainability Pavilion

The Sustainability Pavilion is located on the embankment promenade on Magdeburger Hafen, opposite the International Maritime Museum Hamburg and the Elbarkaden. The pavilion gives a clear overview of the spectrum of activities where sustainable urban development is focused. Visitors are confronted by an unusual yet inspiring exhibition space: a sculpture installation made of used wooden pallets refers to the port, whilst integrated multimedia exhibits clarify the issues affecting sustainable urban development. The exhibition is constantly updated.

Exploring HafenCity

The exhibition also encourages visitors to explore the"green" aspects of HafenCity. They can experience the existing sustainable projects through guided environmental outdoor tours (s. below) or have fun discovering completed or current projects for themselves following the instructions on the special "Quartette" playing cards placed in themed compartments in the exhibition.

Osaka 9 Events

A range of excursions, events, discussions and lectures on a variety of issues connected with sustainable development is organised in cooperation with various partners. Find more information about current events at

Die Kleine Cafébar – fair trade and organic

At the counter of the small café bar drinks, light snacks and cakes provide refreshment. Everything is fair trade and from organic sources – that goes without saying! For sustainable trade means selling fair trade products, whether they are regionally or globally produced. The cafébar is supplied by Weltcafé Elbfaire, part of the Brücke Ecumenical Forum on Shanghaiallee in HafenCity.

Individual guided tours
English-language versions of the sustainability tour ("Grüner Landgang") or the developement of HafenCity's central and eastern districts ("New Horizons") can be arranged at request. 

Find out more and register online.

Osaka 9, HafenCity Sustainability Pavilion - Exhibition and café bar
Osakaallee 9, HafenCity
Tel.: + 49 (0)40 - 37 47 26 60

Public transport
U1 subway to Meßberg or
Metrobus 6 Osakaallee,
Bus 111 to Osakaallee
U4 subway to Überseequartier

Tues – Sun 10am – 6pm, closed Mon, entry free