ViewPoint in HafenCity

360° panorama of HafenCity

The photo shows the observation tower

The observation tower offers a fantastic view of HafenCity (© Tim Corvin Kraus)

Completed in July 2004, this vantage point has been putting the growing city into an entirely new perspective ever since. Apart from the spectacular view, the ViewPoint is a quite an attraction in itself. The unusually shaped 13 meter high tower is made from 12 tonnes of steel and painted striking orange. It didn't take long for it to become a real visitor magnet. On the top platform of the ViewPoint, up to 25 people can watch the changing scene below as HafenCity steadily takes shape. Some of the sights include the new eastern neighboorhoods Baakenhafen and Elbbrücken, the Lohsepark, and cruise ships moored at Überseequartier. Photos and text descriptions help visitors identify the structures in the area. There is also a telescope which even makes a "Leap across the Elbe" no problem at all.

The ViewPoint's spectacular design comes from the Hamburg architects Renner Hainke Wirth, whose novel idea it was to build the nearby temporary cruise terminal from multicolored sea containers. When designing the ViewPoint, one of the architects, Karin Renner, was inspired by the "animal-like dock cranes in the port" and imagined a "periscope emerging from the depths and scanning the horizon." In a few years’ time, the steel tower can be moved to a new position.

The ViewPoint was in part funded by the EU project WATERFRONT COMMUNITIES within the EU's INTERREG III B, NORTHSEA programme.

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