HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

Management of a development such as this, where a whole new city district is to be realized, has to be integrated to be successful. Most responsibilities connected with development of the district are therefore coordinated by HafenCity Hamburg GmbH more


Development process

For Hamburg, HafenCity is not merely a major real estate development in which individual projects must be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible - urban quality is supposed to be created, too. This is why HafenCity Hamburg GmbH pulls the strings, overseeing all activities as a public manager of development, property owner and developer of infrastructure (except the subway) more


Communication and dialog in HafenCity

Whether its partners are residents or local employees, schoolchildren or students, (potential) investors or the press, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH is in constant dialog more



Outstanding and special accomplishments in construction of sustainable buildings in the new district have been certified with the HafenCity Ecolabel since 2007. HafenCity played a pioneering role here, coming up with its benchmark two years before the launch of comparable certification valid throughout Germany more

Supervisory Board

Wholly owned by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the supervisory board was set up in 1995 on the founding of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH more

Executive Board

The Executive Board of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH comprises Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg (chairman) and Giselher Schultz-Berndt more

Advisory Board

A high-caliber consulting body comprising nine selected members was constituted February 7, 2005, to advise the management of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH more


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