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Architectural Design for SPIEGEL Group

(© Henning Larsen Architects)

The SPIEGEL Group is planning to move into a new development on Ericusspitze in HafenCity around the second half of 2010. Robert Vogel GmbH & Co. KG and ABG Allgemeine Bauträgergesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, working in cooperation with the SPIEGEL Group, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH and the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, awarded prizes to those entries which won the international architectural competition; three 1st prize-winners in all. The participants were awarded prizes in the following order of priority:

1st Prize: Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen
Participants: Ulrik Raysse, Filip Francati, Michael Sorensen, Charlotte Soderhamn Nielsen, Silke Jörgenshaus
1st Prize: Jan Störmer Partner, Hamburg
Participants: Maria Auerbach, Ute Eigenwillig, Franca Reifer, Matthias Latzke, Johannes Buchholz, Natalja Kopycko, Thomas Zaspel
1st Prize: KSP Engel and Zimmermann, Braunschweig
Participants: Stefan Schwappach
4th Prize: Prof. Friedrich and Partner, Hamburg
Participants: Götz Schneider, Sabine Bagdahn, Andrea Schulz, Uta Ratsch, Henning Scheid, Prisca Hirstein
5th Prize: Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, Vienna
Participants: Sebastian Brunke, Simon Takasaki, Imke Haasler, Christian Schrepfer

All three designs from the 1st prize-winners were modified again by the architects in the last few weeks.
On 13th September 2007 the competition jury then unanimously advised the investors to implement the design from the Danish architectural firm Henning Larsen Architects.

The winning entry from Henning Larsen Architects from Copenhagen very consciously emphasises the prominent location on the tip of Ericusspitze. Both buildings are very well positioned in such a way that a balanced overall picture is created. Both structures – the SPIEGEL building pointing towards the city and the Ericus-Contor pointing towards Lohsepark – form a complete architectural ensemble on Ericusspitze. This imaginative and comprehensive group of buildings also represents an exciting contrast to the western terminus, the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall.

Two self-enclosed, clear large forms will be built on the site. These relate to each other and stand on the site as two U-shapes of different sizes pointing to the north and to the south respectively. A recessed part of the façade is designed as a window on the SPIEGEL building pointing towards the city. In the section pointing towards Lohsepark, exterior and interiour spaces blend seamlessly. The elegance and balanced proportions of these two buildings on Ericusspitze give them a self-contained character but without overwhelming the surrounding built-up areas.

The overall result is to provide about 50.000 qm of office space on the site in a prominent location at the entrance to HafenCity of which the SPIEGEL Group has rented 30.000 qm long-term. The proprietor and investor into the new publisher's building is Robert Vogel GmbH & Co. KG and the neighbouring Ericus-Contor will be realised in a project partnership with ABG Allgemeine Bauträgergesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.