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HafenCity at MIPIM 2019: Hamburg’s future by the Elbe and Bille

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH is presenting the full breadth of innovative urban development at MIPIM, the international real estate fair in Cannes. From March 12–15, 2019, Europe’s biggest inner-city urban development project is a main partner on the Hamburg pavilion – Stand R8.B20 in the Palais des Festivals

Right now the City of Hamburg is developing pioneering, future-oriented inner-urban qualities along two waterways, the Elbe and the Bille.

The focus this year is on the final plots available in HafenCity in addition to information on how the project is progressing. Plus HafenCity Hamburg GmbH is treading new paths for Hamburg with the new urban development areas of Billebogen and Grasbrook.

Right now the City of Hamburg is developing pioneering, future-oriented inner-urban qualities along two waterways, the Elbe and the Bille. HafenCity, notably, is growing towards completion with a multitude of buildings, an intensive mix of uses, fresh innovations and many small integrated projects. Two further urban areas directly adjoin it: Billebogen, where a new gateway to the city and room for entrepreneurial ideas are emerging along a 900-meter axis, and on the opposite bank of the Elbe to the south the new innovation neighborhood of Grasbrook. Together the three urban development areas represent an inner-city transformation zone covering more than 300 hectares, with housing potential for about 23,000 people and scope for about 71,000 jobs. In 2019 two urban design processes will firm up the ideas for Hamburg’s new future spaces.

Meanwhile the center and east of HafenCity are a fascinating major building site, with 1,860 homes currently under construction. Two high rises and a total of over 500 homes in western Strandkai fill a final gap in the west. Planning permission is largely in and the foundation stone about to be laid for southern Überseequartier, developed by Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield and comprising 265,000 square meters (total area), 200 stores and approx. 50 catering units, with hotels and 10 cinema auditoriums, a vertically organized cruise terminal, 4,200 job opportunities and about 650 homes. In eastern HafenCity, in the immediate neighborhood of the newly opened U4 subway station, Elbbrücken Quarter is going up, with 560,000 sqm gross floor area and space for around 11,000 jobs and 1,400 homes. Construction starts 2019 on several landmark projects, including the high-tech smart building “EDGE Hamburg”, with approx. 24,700 sqm GFA, a 29,000 sqm GFA prevention center for two employers’ liability insurance associations and the 7,000 sqm GFA solar building for Enerparc AG. Further invitations to bid and decisions on developers and architects are in preparation.

New perspectives for urban design

In 2019 the first urban design perspectives will be developed to the east and south of HafenCity, both for the new city gateway at Elbbrücken and the new Grasbrook district, in the course of two urban design processes. A test planning procedure got under way in January 2019, run by Hamburg’s Mitte district, the Ministry for Urban Development and Housing and BBEG (Billebogen Entwicklungsgesellschaft), a subsidiary of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH, with the aim of developing general urban design perspectives for the whole area from northern Veddel to the Bille basin.

Grasbrook innovation district

Thoughts about the new Grasbrook district are crystallizing too. Grasbrook is opposite HafenCity, south of the River Elbe’s northern arm. About 3,000 homes are planned – a mix of rental and owned accommodation, for housing associations and joint building ventures, with a third of the apartments subsidized. Above all the development will create opportunities for approx. 16,000 jobs, some of them highly skilled, including in research and development but also for start-ups plus small and mid-sized production facilities and factories. Creative design concepts will be developed in 2019 both for built areas and for open spaces through a competitive dialog run by HafenCity Hamburg GmbH in cooperation with the Ministry for Urban Development and Housing.

Events on the stand

Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 14:00 pm
Panel Discussion: Planetary Boundaries and the future of urban development

Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 15:00 pm
Hamburg / HafenCity Reception

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