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Open Space Competition Decided

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HafenCity Hamburg GmbH and Überseequartier Beteiligungs GmbH, in association with the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, launched a 2-phase competition for the development of the open spaces in Überseequartier and the area around Magdeburger Hafen. The complex task of creating excellent designs for the form and use of the open spaces was put to tender. 53 landscape architects submitted to the first phase; 8 to the second. The final decision was made in November with first prize going to the firm of BB + GG arquitectes – Beth Galí s.l. from Barcelona.
The area in question can be divided into: Magdeburger Hafen at the narrow end of the harbour basin with promenades on both sides of the water, the quarter to the East of Magdeburger Hafen and Überseequartier. At Magdeburger Hafen the aim had to be to incorporate HafenCity's central area of water with city promenades and squares, accentuating that closeness of land and water.

Competition results:

The panel of judges chose as follows:

1st Prize:
Architectural firm:  BB + GG arquitectes – Beth Galí s.l., Barcelona
Designs by: Beth Galí, Jaume Benavent, Andrés Rodriguez, Ruediger Wurth

2nd Prize:
Architectural firm:  Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten, München
Designs by: Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten

3rd Prize:
Architectural firm:  Häfner / Jimenez,  Berlin
Designs by: Dipl. Ing. Winfried Häfner BDLA

4th Prize:
Architectural firm:  Bureau B+B Stedebouw en Landschapsarchitectuur,
Designs by:  Bureau B+B

The essence of the winning entry by BB + GG arquitectes - Beth Galí s.l., Barcelona, is to create a cohesive urban environment of different styles and materials, while at the same time highlighting the unique characteristics of each area through their architectural styles.