Highly complex diversity in a central location

While northern Überseequartier gradually unfurls its urban qualities, realization of the southern area at the heart of HafenCity successfully continues

Since fall 2007, construction has been in progress in the north part of the quarter; many buildings are finished. The area's only historic building is the listed former port authority building, Altes Hafenamt. After completion of the shell of the Überseequartier subway station, development of the neighborhood began to push south in October 2010 (© ELBE&FLUT)

The Überseequartier is expected to be the most metropolitan and most-visited quarter in HafenCity. More than 6,000 jobs will be created in this district alone. Retail units occupy 23 percent of its area, while the rest is home to eateries, entertainment venues, offices, a vertically integrated cruise terminal, and different hotel spaces with about 1,150 Überseequartier was an overarching urban concept developed by internationally renowned architects based on construction plans drawn up by Trojan + Partner. The open spaces as well as the areas around Magdeburger Hafen will be realized according to a concept drawn up by Beth Galí and her office BB+GG arquitectes (Barcelona).

Since 2010, the northern part of the quarter has been all but completed. Today, over 24 stores and culinary establishments (including a large fresh foods market, an organic food store, a drugstore, and a local post office), over 340 apartments, and nearly 33,000 m² of office space can be found here. In early 2015, one of Hines Immobilien GmbH’s German real estate special funds for several long-term pension plans acquired the majority of the completed buildings (34/1-34/4 & 34/7).

By mid-2019, the final ensemble of the northern Überseequartier that is still under construction will be completed. In addition to a residential building (KPTN) with some subsidized apartments and long-stay apartments, a unique combination of a one-of-a-kind city hotel with a harbor stage and premium cinema is also being built. The latter already opened in Autumn 2018.

The Altes Hafenamt (the old harbor master’s office) (34/5) is one of the few remaining pre-existing buildings in HafenCity and was reopened in March 2016 as a premium hotel of the 25hours Group with a restaurant and bar.

In the southern Überseequartier, a major development milestone was reached in December 2014 when Unibail-Rodamco took over the overall development and implementation. Its roughly 260,000 m² of land has served as an inner-city retail, gastronomical, leisure, service, and residential focal point since April 2017, complementing facilities already available in HafenCity. Large-scale, unique long-term retail stores, new entertainment options, including a large multiplex cinema with ten theaters, a high-performance, attractive cruise terminal, and, last but not least, a new waterfront with architecturally stunning buildings, will guarantee the Überseequartier a high influx of visitors throughout the year that will not abate during the weekdays or in the evenings, and offers great potential for a consistently vibrant ‘24-hour city.’ Its open urban structure, which has no climate borders or clearly-defined ‘interior’ or ‘exterior,’ will prompt the entire Überseequartier to realize its high integrative potential for the whole
of HafenCity, and result in a tangible interlinking effect. The appeal of the southern part in particular makes it the main urbanization magnet of HafenCity. The open concept, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a shopping center, is freely accessible and consists of 14 separate interconnected buildings in which shopping accounts for only 30 percent of the overall use. In 2019, DC Developments acquired two residential projects in the southern Überseequartier. After completion of the retail area, the condominiums will be built by the end of 2022.

Neighborhood profile:

  • Size: 14 ha
  • Total GFA: 400,000 m²
  • Development period:
    • 2007 to 2017 (northern part)
    • 2017 to 2022 (southern part)
    • 2021 to 2023 (two subsequent buildings)
  • Jobs (full-time):
    • Retail: approx. 1,900
    • Offices: approx. 3,200
    • Culture/entertainment: approx. 150
    • Hotels: approx. 550
    • Eateries: approx. 300
    • Cruise terminal: approx. 40
    • Total: approx. 6,140
  • Special facilities: Altes Hafenamt, U4 station Überseequartier, vertically structured cruise terminal (2022), multiplex cinema (2022), premium cinema (2018/19)
  • Apartments: approx. 1,200