HafenCity 2017: Urban development with high-power innovation

Good urban development is characterized by progressive creative drive as well as multiple synchronized strands of development. That is especially true of HafenCity: In its western neighborhoods, Europe’s biggest inner-city urban development project is already a lively, culturally diverse home to 2,800 residents, a place of work for about 12,000 employees of more than 730 companies, and a center of learning for 5,000 students more

One district, ten neighborhoods

Ten sometimes very differing quarters make up HafenCity; each has its own individual profile - and brings new qualities to Hamburg’s city center. Here are some of them:

HafenCity at Expo Real 2016

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH will be exhibiting again at the Expo Real real estate trade fair in Munich, October 4–6 2016. Europe’s biggest inner-city urban development project will be one the main partners on the City of Hamburg pavilion. The focus of this year’s HafenCity presentation is on the major comprehensive neighborhood developments in HafenCity’s central and eastern districts especially more

HafenCity Hamburg: Start for first major building in Elbbrücken Quarter

The groundwork is laid for the first building construction project in HafenCity’s easternmost district. Two of Germany’s biggest employers’ liability insurance associations, BGW and VBG, are planning a shared prevention center on a pivotal plot sited next to the Elbe Promenade, the subway stop under construction and the planned rapid transit station. more

Lohsepark, HafenCity’s green people’s park, opens to the public

Hamburg’s Mayor, Olaf Scholz, joined neighbors, HafenCity figures and many guests from other city districts July 9 to open the new Lohsepark. Covering 4.4 hectares, its generous sweeps of grass and trees stretch from Ericusgraben in the north to Baakenhafen in the south, making it a new, lively meeting place for everyone living in Hamburg or visiting the city. Lohsepark is a place of remembrance, too. The Lohsepark area was once the site of Hanover Railroad Station from where at least 7,692 Jews, Sinti and Roma were deported between 1940 and 1945. more


HafenCity Hamburg: State of development

HafenCity is being developed from west to east and from north to south – 57 projects are completed and another 53 under construction or in the planning stage; deals through sale of land or exclusive options have been closed on around 1.29 million sqm GFA. In the meantime, HafenCity has established its popularity as a place to live and work. Nowadays more than 1,700 residential units are completed approx. 11,000 people work in HafenCity as a whole, employed by more than 500 companies more

HafenCity InfoCenter Kesselhaus

A presentation of everything currently happening between the Elbe bridges and Kehrwiederspitze promontory is on view in the InfoCenter in Kesselhaus at Sandtorkai 30 more

On historic ground

Quay walls, harbor basins, historic buildings - the past will always be omnipresent, even in futuristic HafenCity. The port has left an indelible imprint on the structure of the district. A review more