HafenCity Hamburg GmbH: New headquarters unveiled

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH is an active proponent of new paths in planning, building and managing buildings and even whole neighborhoods that take sustainability, the climate and resource-saving construction into account integrally. Its new company headquarters is adopting one of the most sustainable building concepts in Europe and sparking learning processes for emission-neutral construction.
In view of global climatic challenges, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH has a particular responsibility, given its role as an urban development company, to initiate and develop future strategies for innovative and sustainable building. As the developer of its own future headquarters in western HafenCity, the company is setting correspondingly high standards: the office block will be a “zero-emissions building” and will be climate neutral throughout its whole life cycle – from its construction, through its management and culminating in its dismantling and disposal. 

This ambitious sustainability concept sees the building assume a pioneering role in Europe. It also aims to set standards as a role model for future site developments in HafenCity, Grasbrook, Billebogen and Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld. In a general planning competition in which, in addition to the urban planning and architectural challenges, innovative sustainability solutions in particular were required, the firm of Heinle Wischer und Partner from Berlin came out on top. The results were announced on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. Construction of the building is projected to begin in early 2022, with completion planned for 2024.

The approx. 7,200 m² gross floor area office block is being built on a site of about 1,500 m² in Am Sandtorpark/Grasbrook neighborhood. It closes the last urban development gap in western HafenCity and is a pioneer and role model for Co2-neutral construction: in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle principle, materials sourcing, operations and future dismantling and recycling are being included in the plans from the outset. The whole construction is above ground and planned as a modular wooden building.

In addition, intensive façade greening contributes to a sustainable improvement in the microclimate. The roof areas are to be almost completely used. Roof terraces for joint use are planned for about 30 percent of the roof area. The roof will also be fitted with a photovoltaic array for solar energy collection. The building will no longer have any car parking spaces but instead will offer parking for 150 bicycles, providing impetus for active and ecologically sustainable mobility.

A further sustainability aspect will be the integration of a low-emission power supply for cruise ships. Due to the proximity of the building to the new cruise terminal (Hamburg Cruise Center HafenCity), currently under construction, the converters for the shore-side power plant for supplying the cruise ships will be accommodated in the basement. This will enable pollutant emissions from the ships to be significantly minimized when they are alongside.

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH is constructing the building itself and will use it in future as its new company headquarters.